Conventions & Meetings

An often overlooked aspect of planning a professional event is the need for pipe and drape, and if it’s an especially large event crowd control is equally as crucial. Luckily, we at Ultimate Party Tents and Events maintain a large selection of rentals perfect for conventions, meetings, and other formal events.

At Ultimate Party Rentals, we make it quick and efficient for you to get your meeting rental equipment.

Wood dance floor on concrete under pavilion
  • Pipe and Drape

Pipe and Drape

Wood dance floor on concrete under pavilion
  • Crowd Control

Crowd Control

Event Planning Made Easy

Holding an event for professionals means that you need a professional backdrop. Our pipe and drape rentals are a great way to provide a professional-looking background and a way to conceal behind-the-scenes equipment. We also provide an array of crowd-control convention equipment.

With 10,000 chairs and 1,000 tables, we guarantee that you won’t find any trouble seating your guests when you’re renting from us. From early mornings to late nights, our rental deliveries are always on time so that you can have a successful event.

Personalize Your Event

Our family-owned business helps you cater to any kind of event, so nothing ever feels standard or underprepared. Our large catalog helps you find items that can match the theme and goal of the event.

Whether you’re looking to host an exclusive event or ensure that areas are sectioned off, crowd control measures are great multi-purpose items for any large event. Consider adding other accessories when looking for meeting rental equipment, including linens and catering equipment.

Your One-Stop Destination for Event Supplies

It’s time to start planning your next successful event with the help of Ultimate Party Rentals. Whether you’re looking for convention equipment or kid-friendly components, our vast catalog can help you put the finishing touches on your event. If you’re having trouble finding the right item, we’re here to help! Our team is dedicated to making the renting experience easy for you, and we can guide you into making the right choices for your event. Call us to order your rentals today.