Catering Equipment

A lot goes into planning every event, but it can end up becoming a bit dull without food and drinks. Having hungry, thirsty guests is never good for an event. Rent catering equipment from us, your premium, one-stop event rental company, to make sure you have all you need for your event to be a true success. Our comprehensive catalog, which includes 10,000 chairs and 1,000 tables (and counting), ensures that you find all your event equipment at one source.

Make Every Event Shine

Whether you’re hosting ten guests or hundreds, having food for your guests will extend the life of your event. Rent your catering supplies from our extensive inventory to fill your event and guests full of energy.

Figuring out what catering supplies you’re renting ahead of time can also help you reduce the space needed to accommodate them. For an additional fee, we can deliver early mornings, late nights and even on the weekends, so you never have to worry about the logistics of when and how you will get your rental equipment to your event.

Cater to Your Requirements

Every event is different, and you want to curate every component to fit the theme, size and intention of the event. We offer a variety of catering supplies that can be curated for any event. It includes:

When you decide to rent catering supplies, choosing the right option for your event can be challenging. Reach out to our team if you’re having difficulty deciding which rentals would be right for your event.

Making Party Rentals Easy

It’s time to change how you plan events in Nashville with the help of Ultimate Party Rentals. We make it simple for you to rent catering supplies within minutes. For an additional fee, our team can deliver the items during a time slot convenient to you, and even help with the installation process. We can take care of the pick-up, cleaning, and maintenance of party supplies so you can host your event without any worries. Contact us today to get started with planning the perfect event.